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    LCDS 2.6 Clustering Problem




      We are trying to get clustering configured for our application so that jms 
      topic messages will be handled properly by the servers in the cluster.  We are 
      using a hardware load balancer.
      We have set up a default-cluster, using tcp and set the cluster-message-routing 
      property to server-to-server.  We see subscription messages being broadcast and 
      received between the servers in the cluster.
      >From the server you subscribe to:
      2009-06-30 17:49:01,248 INFO  [STDOUT] [Flex] Sending subscription to peers for 
      subscribe? false selector: login='john' or systemwide='true' subtopic: null
      and on the other server:
      2009-06-30 17:49:01,989 INFO  [STDOUT] [Flex] Received subscription from peer: subscribe? true selector: login='john' or systemwide='true' 
      subtopic: null
      The issue is that messages posted to the jms topic don't seem to get sent to 
      the other servers in the cluster.  If you are connected to the server handling 
      the message you will receive it, otherwise nothing.  Also there is nothing in 
      the logs indicating the topic messages are being sent to the other servers.
      Any thoughts on what may be wrong?
      Thanks for your help.
      in services-config.xml:
              <channel-definition id="my-rtmp" 
                  <endpoint url="rtmp://myserver.com:2037" 
              <cluster id="default-cluster" properties="jgroups-tcp.xml" 
      url-load-balancing="false" default="true"/>
      in messaging-config.xml:
              <adapter-definition id="actionscript" 
      class="flex.messaging.services.messaging.adapters.ActionScriptAdapter" de
      fault="true" />
              <adapter-definition id="jms" 
          <destination id="topicMessage">
                  <channel ref="my-rtmp"/>
              <adapter ref="jms"/>