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    Creating a pan/zoom slideshow from jpeg images




      I am trying to improve the quality of the slideshow displayed on this website: www.archscapecg.com. My knowledge of flash is pretty limited. I know how to create the slideshow, I'm just not sure how to maximize the quality and keep the file small. The original was created as a .wmv and then converted to .flv. I have heard that creating the slideshow in flash using vector images is the way to get the best quality. So, my questions are:


      1. How do I convert a jpeg to a vector image? Can I do this in photoshop?

      2. How do I convert the .swf file to .flv without losing quality?


      This is the approach that I have heard is the best, though that is just what someone told me. If there is a better way, please point out where I am going wrong.


      Thanks for any replies!