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    Problem with Fillable Form


        I recently downloaded Adobe Reader 9.1 and I am having trouble filling out a form.  I e-mailed to complain to the originator, who assures me is a fillable form.  When I check the security tab it indicates that  "Filling of form fields" is allowed.  There is no Highlight Field button.  There is a notice that the document is in PDF-A Mode in the upper left corner of the bar above the document. 

        I thought perhaps if I saved the form and opened it in Reader rather than doing it on-line, I might have better luck.  But, that didn't fix the problem.  When I clicked on Help, from within the document, the troubleshooting information seems to apply not to Reader but to full blown Acrobat, as there are menus/buttons to push that I cannot find...

        Can anyone provide any guidance?  Is there a switch somewhere?  Here is the link to the form: http://www.treasurydirect.gov/forms/sav1455.pdf

        TIA for you assistance