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    clicker buttons to count up and down




      I want to make a button that counts up each time it is clicked with the result showing in a dynamic text field (i.e. if it is pressed 10 times, then 10 will be shown in the dynamic text field).  Essentially adding one to the existing number shown in the dynamic text field.  Also I want to make a subtraction button so if pressed it will minus 1 from the total shown in the dynamic text field.

      (i.e. on(press) {dymanic_txt = (+1) or (-1)


      I have tried to use various codes but have been unsuccessful. I can't use the insert text field


      The project I am building is a calculator to go into captivate and when the swf is imported into captivate the input text field is disabled, so I am hoping that by using buttons to enter results will work)


      Hope that makes sense.