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    After Effects Interface


      Hello everyone,


      Im not sure theres anything i can do about this but i thought i'd ask.


      Is there any way to make the controls in after effects bigger? its like re visiting the websites of 2001 where all the designers made micro buttons and text. this is a real drag and takes a lot of focus and energy just to interface with this application. im not too concerned about the clutter, just the little "weenie" buttons and controls. adobe finally addressed this issue a little bit with illustrator and made an option of making bezier controls bigger when you rolled over them but after effects remains horribly and unnecessarily small. the animation paths are horendously small and you have to go in like a freaken brain surgeon just to click on an end point. also, with so many variables to a layer, why not changes its color in the timeline when selected so you can get a quick read as to exactly what variable your tweaking and the associated keyframes in the timeline?


      i dont know, im thinking this is just to micro noodle for me. maybe its because im new to the program and im trying to look at all the interface elements at once but it just doesnt seem that they did a very good job at organizing or focused much on the user interface experience.


      /end rant

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          extendthedot Level 1

          i just went back into AE to take another look at the cause of my rant. man, adobe really lost me on this one. i mean, ive used their products for over ten years and never have i seen such a poor interface. it may work in PS or ID but AD has too many settings to just group together without using different gray values to organize.


          for instance, a simple text layer.


          why not shade the first group of settings "text" differently than the next "transform" in a basic list view fashion?

          and i cant even select anywhere in a "row" to select the variable, they want me to be all "weenie" and specifically select the name of the variable, for instance "rotation"?


          seriously lame.

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            Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

            Umm, at what screen res are you running? Not to fire back at you, but indeed all you do is ranting about. Sure, AE has some UI issues like mask vertices always appearing to small or drowning in the color of the mask, but eh, sometimes you can't see squat in MS Office, either. The rest of your comments is just not of any real value to write anything about it - millions of other AE artists apparently can use the program successfully every day and they can't all err on the wrong side. The rest is a matter of personal preference. Do I like drowning in the "grey sea"? No, so I always ramp up the UI brightness, use really saturated label colors and get rid of those cheap and shabby gradients. Do I get crazy about the timeline being filled with tons of small switches and stopwatches? Not really, as I've been using 3D programs al lmy life na lists in tehir graph editors and outliners are just as crammed. Do I get annoyed about inconsistent font kerning/ spacing in the expression editor? Sure, that one drives me crazy, but then again, I'm one of a kind and there are millions of otehr users who never create expression code with 100 or even more lines... So on balance, the UI is okay as it needs to cater for a wide base of users. Consider that for a moment, do some comparisons with other apps and you will see, that it is not that bad at all. Just if you look around in compositing/ motion graphics apps like Motion, combustion, nuke or Fusion, you will see many small buttons and hidden options that always seem to be in the wrong place. That's just the way it is and if you cannot find a way of getting used to such inconsistencies and inconveniences, then your need to use any such program must not be that great at all. Artists have been living with such compromises all the time, yet it has never sto9pped many of them to really produce outstanding stuff. For the rest: