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    ACE certification

    Umed Annaniaz

      Dear wise one,


      I have a personal question.

      If I want to prepair myself to do the test for ACE certification, will it be enought if I study and practice all available After Effects tutorials (at Lynda.com)?


      Or will there also be truobleshooting questions? (since we are the technical support agents). If this is true, how can I prepair myself for such a test?


      Kindest regards



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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          The ACE exams require you to attend at least 1 or 2 praparation courses with other certified instructors, AFAIK, so just learning everything about AE you can find for free will not be enough. Anyway, just send an inquiry at the ACE pages here on Adobe.com, they can give you all the details. How useful it will be for you acting as technical advisors, is anotehr question. Aside from the fact that I simply don't have the money for ACE, I never felt the need for it. AE and I are on a first name basis anyway, and some sort of diploma or certificate will probably not add anything to that relationship.