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    importing xml via xsl for rich text formating

    humayoo Level 1

      Hi everyone. I've been looking for days now about a way to export the content of a website as XML and import it then into InDesign, involving some basic text formatting and maybe links, lists and tables. Getting a XML version of a website isn't actually the problem. But including some InDesign readable formatting structure caused me some headache.

      First of all, I used InDesign from CS2 and read a lot about INX structure, XML Namespaces and Tagged Text. None of what I did seemed to result in any acceptable or properly working import. So I've read about CS3 having a new feature of applying XSL Stylesheets when importing a XML file and finally downloaded a trial version to test this out. Problem is, I can't find any helpful documentation on how to use this feature right. Neither in the web nor in your forums.

      So how does a XSL file have to look like in order to import XML with some basic formatting? 

      Let's say the XML looks like this, very simple:

      ] <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
      ] <?xsl-stylesheet type="text/xsl" href="style.xsl"?>

      ] <root>
      ] <text>
      ] <bold>This text is bold</bold> and <italic>this seems to be italic</italic>.
      ] </text>
      ] <underline>I'm under the line</underline>
      ] </root>

      How does my XSLT code in "style.xsl" have to look like in order to tell InDesign that the content of <bold> has to be bold, the one of <italic> italic and leaving <underline> underlined?