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    Urgent : Trial version of CS3 not being activated

    Yashovardhan Sharma

      the trial version of Adobe is not being installed it asks for the activation while i want to use the trial version preseltly.

      tried formatting the system but still problem persists



      system config:

      OS :- Windows XP

      Software :- Adobe Production Premium CS3



      Yashovardhan Sharma         

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          the_wine_snob Level 9

          One should get a dialog screen with two choices:

          1.) Trial

          2.) Activate with S/N and full activation via Internet/phone


          If you are not getting this option, then I'd suspect that there is something wrong with your installation file. Unfortunately, the trial release for CS3 has long expired, so I doubt that Adobe will be of much help. Installation issues are free, but I do not know if they extend to trials, even of the current release - never did an Adobe trial in my life.


          Maybe a search of this forum will reveal something from the days when the CS3 trial was current.


          BTW, where did you get the file? If from an Adobe download page, maybe try the download again.


          Good luck,