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    Spherical Video / Animation - Need help with a unique problem


      Hi, could anyone help me which direction should I go with this issue:

      I have a video / animation which is 2 unit long, 1 unit high. I would like to wrap it around a virtual sphere to create a  video in which the viewer is able to decide which way to look. The same idea as behind Quick Time Spherical Panorama Photos - but this time it is a moving image. Any Quick Time Panorama Photos have the same 2:1 ration  when extended flat, you wrap it around with a panorama software, and then you can "enter" it with quick time.


      One or two software already exists which do the job with moving images (360 Spherical Video Viewer 4.02) but either they cannot deal with large files or belong to a company who would not give out their software without buying their whole system with cameras.


      I need to solve this, but in such a way that:
      1) the extended flat movie animation is large in terms of pixel dimension (around 6000*3000 pixel or 4000*2000) but short in time (4-8minutes) It is necessary to have such a large file because we always see a small part of the whole, and the visible part should be close to HD
      2) should be on a loop
      3) the mouse pointer is invisible even when we navigate inside the animation
      4) full screen


      Question: which program(s) will be able to solve (part of) this? Flash? Or a 3d program? Or the combination? Any further advice what to use in the given program? Any idea will be appreciated! Thank you!!