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    Email link with no address field.




      I'm trying to make a button that when clicked on opens an email client with an empty address field but a filled subject and body, but have no idea where to begin.

      The idea is that I have a "Refer me to your friends!" button, so when the user clicks it, it opens an email with the subject "Sairus is awesome" and a body filled with propaganda. The address field must remain blank so they can add in the friend's address they wish to send.


      For the moment I'm working with the below, however obviously enough the address is being filled in. Hoever, despite the seemingly correct code, the subject and body are remaining empty. I'm using Flash 8, is the syntax different in my version?


      on (release) {

      getURL("mailto:sairus@awesome.com?subject=Sairus is awesome&body=The following 50 reasons explain why Sairus is awesome:");