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    Form distribution

    flucco Level 1

      Hello out there. I asked this question in Acrobat forum, but...  maybe this is a better venue. I am designing a form for another group to SEND and RECEIVE responses. I have all the info to set up the respones to go elsewhere; however, I'm having trouble just getting someone else the file without the "Submit Form" button disappearing.  I've tried two methods: emailing it and putting it on our shared drive so the other person can access. Can anyone help?



      The problem is that sometimes when I send the form, the recipient does not see the Submit Form button. To top it off, when they open the form, a pop-up, "Sending Data Files by Email," appears with the following message: "Please Note: This form contains an email submit button...."  These is no submit button. When I created the form, it was there. When I sent it directly to a coworker, it was there. And when I sent it from the server, it was there. But when I attach it to my email adn sent to an external email, it was not.


      Does anyone know why this happens and how to get around it?