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    NativeMenuItem disappears


      Hi all!

      we have a big problem in our AIR application. Some very strange things happens. At first i will tell something about the architecture of the app. We have a systray-icon based upon a stage-window that is 100% "transparent"...not visible. On the systray-icon (or dock-icon on mac) we dynamically load a menu with 5 items. The first item has a submenu with 1 to 5 items. When the user clicks on a menu item we "undock" the systray and the stage cames to front (invisible) and we show a "panel" (windowlike) where the user can put data into or simply close. When the panel is closed we "re-dock" the systray icon.

      What happens is:

      after some clicks with "dock" and "undock"...one or more references of our menu (the menu associated with the systray) are set to null but appears in the ITEMS list of the menu instance. It means, if we have a menu with 5 nativeMenuItem elements we have the problem that the index 1 or 2 or whatever has a NULL reference!

      I made some tests and  i noticed that this ONLY happens if the menu on the systray has a SUBMENU setted AFTER menu creation with the method

      "menu.addSubmenuAt(stateSubMenu, 0 , "TestStatus2");".

      The mentioned NULL references causes a crash of the runtime/application!!!

      If i do NOT create a Submenu...everything is ok....

      this is totally strange !!!

      any ideas???

      will be nice....because it is very urgent...it is a blocker! we can not continue testing...

      Thanks and regards!




      I will attach the xml file that makes the stage "invisible"