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    Flash CS4 can't use arial-keeps changing to arial MT (font mappings - missing fonts)


      I am using Flash CS4 on Windows Server 2003 (i know it sounds strange, but there are reasons).

      I previously had Flash CS2, but ever since I installed CS4 my font mappings have been messed up. Any time I open a fla with any standard fonts (arial, tahoma, etc) it tells me the fonts are missing. When this happens with arial..I set the font mapping back to arial, and everything seems to work fine. Until I try to change a text field to arial. When I do this flash automatically changes it to arial MT. It will not let me use arial. This really isn't a problem until I am using a dynamic text field. Because dynamic text fields use system fonts, so when a user opens one of my swf's on their computer it looks for arial MT not arial. If they don't have arial MT (which most people don't) it changes the font to their system default (usually times new roman).


      The only work around I have found successful is to embed the fonts in the dynamic text field. I really don't want to do this as I am just wanting to use arial. I have search the ends of the internet and can't find anyone else with a similar problem.


      To sum it up...

      My flash cs4 font mappings are messed up. It won't let me use arial. Forces me to use arial MT.


      Any help would be greatly appreciated.


      Thanks in advance.