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    How to create a DHTML link between drop-down text and an object in the same topic?


      Good morning!


      What I'm trying to achieve is linked to an earlier post this week (trying to launch 2 targets with the same trigger). The workaround solution is to insert a link in a drop-down text saying something like " Click here to view that area on the image below", but I can't get that trigger to work.


      What I did:

      1. Create as target a positioned text box around the desired area on the image.
      2. Make trigger out of a word in the drop-down text.
      3. Using the drum next to the trigger, try to link it to the target.


      The link from the drum won't cross past the drop-down text editor.


      Anyway to make it work otherwise? I've been working at it since Tuesday but didn't achieve anything.


      Thanks again for all your help, it is truly appreciated.