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    swedish character in exported pdf


      i am using vb script and indesign cs3 server software to create a indesign document and then exporting it as pdf. The swedish character in pdf's title is not displayed correctly. This happens only in a certain machine. In other machines the pdf is generated perfectly.

      All machines i have tested uses windows operating system.

      anyone who faced similar problem?

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          [Jongware] Most Valuable Participant

          PDF metadata is stored as Unicode strings, so it should be theoretically font independent... one machine with a custom desktop font ("Display properties -> Advanced -> Title Bar") that is not properly encoded?

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            jag_paw Level 1

            thanks jongware.

            But I couldnt find any difference in unicode setting between desktops which work and which doesnt.

            can we we check the unicode setting for indesign server CS3 ?


            There is a "paragraph mark" instead of swedish character "ö".

            Can this because the the text i am placing in indesign is not processed properly. I mean removing paragraph breaks.

            Has anyone encountered similar error before ?