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    How to show two datatips at same time?


      I have a LineChart and a ColumnChart in a VBox. Both charts use the same X-axis data and have its own datatip. Is it possible to show both

      data tips at the same time, i e, putting the mouse at the line or column makes both datatips show up?

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          Ansury Level 3

          Sounds like you're moving into unexplored territory here if I understand what you're asking about.


          You might be able to dispatch mouseover event(s) to get this to happen (you'd also have to consider how the tips eventually get removed), but I couldn't tell you the specifics or potential problems since I've never done this.  (I've tried similar, but not exactly this.)


          I don't think there's any easy answer if that's what you're looking for.  It's all an event driven system, so your best shot is probably to work within that domain and see if there's a reliable way to "fake" all the mouse events you need.  I'm not certain that it would be easy, so unless someone else has another suggestion, how badly do you want this functionality?


          You may get the idea to try and display all the tips manually, but I suspect that would prove even more difficult due to the problem of getting the correct placement of the tips... I wouldn't recommend that approach.

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            glen08 Level 1

            Check out this:




            They want something similar with the datatip boxes dispalyed.

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              agorman_co Level 1

              Any luck with this? I would like to implement similar functionality.