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    radioButtonGroup is not seen when calling getChildren on parent component... help please


      I have a standard form (with textareas, date controls, checkboxes, etc), and I'm trying to recursively drill into it to visit all the fields and determine their id and textual value.  I am successfully seeing all the controls, except for the RadioButtonGroup.  For example, when I use the following mxml for the form:
















      <mx:FormItem id="litFormItem" label="Is there any litigation involved?" width="300" horizontalAlign="right">



        <mx:RadioButtonGroup id="litInvolved" enabled="true" />



        <mx:RadioButton id="litInvolvedYes" value="1" label="Yes" groupName="litInvolved"/>



        <mx:RadioButton id="litInvolvedNo" value="0" label="No" groupName="litInvolved"/>








      The recursive code visits the grid item, sees one child (the form item), then visits the form item, but here it only sees 2 children (the 2 radio buttons)... it doesn't see 3 children, which I would expect.


      Therefore, I am unable to access the radiobuttongroup in order to access the "selectedValue" property which would give me a 1 if they clicked the Yes radio button, and a 0 if they clicked the No radio button.


      If I use the debugger, stop at the level of the form item, and look at its properties, I see a property named $numChildren, which is set to 3, but I also see a property named numChildren (with no dollar sign) which is set to 2. This is another thing that is confusing...


      Any help is appreciated... Thank you.