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    Copy Protection/Authoring

    jjx Level 1

      Im considering Director 11 in an attempt to author a DVD-ROM that does what I have seen other DVD-ROM's do.

      Which is:

      Fairly simple "movie player interface"
      e.g. Lists movies > user selects movies > movies play with a controller. (Additional support files/folders are available to user on DVD-ROM)

      Now the thing Ive seen done (but don't know how to do) is:

      User inserts DVD > must input password to use DVD > with correct password, user accesses interface.

      Additionally: all assets are hidden- cross platform - even when "show hidden files" is used on the system level. (excluding- Additional support files folders which are available to user on DVD-ROM

      Additionally: all assets are protected from casual copying to disk (like with CSS)