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    Cannot install Adobe Flash Player


      I recently lost my Adobe Flash Player.  I did some disk cleaning and some defragmenting to make my computer run faster, maybe that is how.  Anyway, I have tried to install it again.  It says it is installed but nothing is happening.  I went to the trouble shooting page and figured I need to download the permission download that they suggested by microsoft, this is the message I got from tech.

      Download SubInAcl.  I did this and then went back to reinstall the flash player.  It says it is installed but I can't use it.  Any suggestions?  I have un-installed everything adobe and re-installed it 2 times.  Flash player is still not working.

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          pwillener Level 8
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            lynerd Level 1

            I put back firefox, which I hate and was able to download it through that.  thanks anyway.

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              this also helped me, and worked !!!

              TY TY TY


              am having the same problems with reader, any suggestions ?

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                I have done this.. but I still have major problems with this. I don't understand why we have to go through hoops to keep flash alive. I have removed all versions of FLASH and attempted to install. The enviroment is MS Terminal Server and all I wanted to do was update to Version 10. Now no flash will work.


                I have to remove/reboot/reinstall often 10 or 15 times before it actaully works. Sometimes all I do is wait a day and it works.


                I have the same problem often with Shockwave.


                What happens often is it says it is installed and works 100% fine for the administrator, but users are asked to reinstall the program. Users do not have the rights to do that.


                On the 5 terminal servers I have spend 5 min on 3 of them and 5 hours yesterday on one and today 4 to get it installed on the other.


                What I get for a message is "Windows has blocked this software because it can't verify the publisher." name: swflash.cab


                All 5 systems are identical. So why the problem?

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                  pwillener Level 8

                  Ranks1dotcom wrote:


                  this also helped me, and worked !!!

                  TY TY TY


                  am having the same problems with reader, any suggestions ?


                  You mean Adobe Reader?  If so, please post in this forum with all details


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                    HOLLORG Level 1

                    It is flash. We own 500 seats of Adobe Professional and CS3 for that matter. The Adobe Flash is the issue. It is at a school and we use a lot of educational programs that use flash and flash frequently crashes the systems and causes classes to end. Often it is due to an upgrade... and when we have to fix it we have the same issues as the terminal servers. Sometimes it takes hours per lab to fix.


                    I wish Adobe would fix this once and for all.

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                      pwillener Level 8

                      If you have a problem with Flash, then please post in the Flash forum.


                      This is the Flash Player forum.

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                        I'm gathering we are getting to the underlying problem with Adobe support. They are not listening to their customers and just brushing off problems.


                        We have a problem with Adobe FLASH PLAYER Install, the player not the application.


                        When you click the link that takes you to:



                        There are times it will not install. The installation is blocked by Microsoft Internet explorer becuase it can not validate it. When this occurs you must go through the steps that are outlined in this forum.


                        However even after following these steps. You may also have to clear your cache, delete your cookies and try again. And if you hit this problem once you are likely going to hit this over and over.


                        6 hours were taken to install this on 1 computer. I followed the steps repetatively in the 6 hours. The next day, on the exact same system, I followed the steps again and they worked. What changed? Time.


                        Also note we have the same situatuion with shockwave when this occurs. The link you end up with is:




                        Here is a thought... maybe I'm hitting a server that is corrupted because if I have the problem the only difference when I don't is that likely the DNS entry that I had expired and I am no longer hitting the server that has a bogus install on it. Just a thought.


                        The last time we had a problem the Adobe (upgrade) install did not properly remove the earlier Macromedia version. We had to go through hoops of uninstalling the corrupted upgrade, then reinstalling the old version of Macromedia Flash. Removing the Macromedia Flash then installing the Adobe update.


                        I have years of dealing with Adobe install issues... Honeslty it is about time Adobe starts to listen to what their customers as saying here. Often times it is not a user problem.

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                          Island Paula

                          Hi All,

                          I was having the same problem for over a week, lost my Flash Player (don't know why) and was not able to re-install it.  I tried everything on this forum, and others that I found.  Finally, the only thing that worked was completely disabling my firewall long enough to install the Flash Player.  It installed quickly (just like it appeared to install dozens of times before) but this time it worked!  Then enabled by firewall again and everything is back to normal.


                          Thanks for all of your advise and input here.




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                            Just posted this reply on another link but thought I'd post it here too just incase you don't see it


                            "Hey All


                            Just posted this reply on another link but thought I'd post it here too just incase you don't see it



                            I started having the same issue last week to a lot of pcs in our company and followed all the knowledgebases on getting the offical uninstall and install and also the "SubInACL" change and this is what I have discovered.




                            You will notice that when you install or uninstall Flash player that it hangs. If you have Task manager running on the process tab you will see a process called nsxx.tmp (where xx = it varies) If you end the process, and there maybe multiple, the installer or uninstaller will run fine. 



                            Not sure what the nsxx.tmp process is and can't find much about it on the internet.


                            Hope this helps at least with installing or uninstalling flash player.




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                              cannot install flash player

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                                I had the same problem when I tried to upgrade flash player 10 about 4 days ago. If you had flash player before and your computer has a restore system,you can create a restore point. I did mine for 7 days ago. It is working fine now. Hope this helps!

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                                  BWolfe [ADOBE] Level 3

                                  thanks for the feedback all.


                                  I wanted to mention that the most recent Flash Player includes all of the SubinACL fixes INSIDE it (thanks to some good coordination between the Flash Player engineering team and Microsoft developer support).


                                  We've seen the number of permission related install cases dropping drastically over the past 3 months since making that change.  Next two weeks we're going to redo all our technotes to de-emphasize SubinACL in our troubleshooting for windows technotes.


                                  That said, yes, you can still have permission problems and other install problems that are slightly different than what we're addressing in this update. You can continue to post here (though we don't officially monitor this forum, we do try to check in here when we can find time).  Or you can open a case at http://www.adobe.com/support/flashplayer (AdobeID required).


                                  If you have an open case and you're not getting satisfactory support please post the case # to this thread and I'll look into it.

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                                    BWolfe [ADOBE] Level 3

                                    telboy, we tested your scenario yesterday with multiple combinations of admin/power and standard users and we haven't been able to recreate the temp file scenario you're seeing.   If you could, open a support web case and get back to me with the case number, I have something I'd like you to test.


                                    Bentley Wolfe

                                    Senior Support Engineer, Flash Player

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                                      HOLLORG Level 1



                                      I glad to hear this. I have to say that we have a lot of problems with the install. Currently on our terminal servers the Administrator can run this with no problems on all 5 systems but users can only run it on 2.


                                      We have attemtped to open up a case on this issue but we keep being told "use the web" or "use the forum."


                                      We have found that on some of the systems, desktops in classrooms, that we have to remove and reinstall a number of times. We have even tried the SUBACL thing mentioned with no resolution.


                                      It appears to us that occasionally the system thinks an older version exists and it tries to run that even though it is not installed. I say this because sometimes we are told that the install was successful and we have have gone to sights that tell us that we have an old version.

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                                        BWolfe [ADOBE] Level 3

                                        Well I think there is some confusion about opening a case.  You cannot phone Adobe for Flash Player support (unless you're a developer using flash/flex/etc.)   Flash Player support is webcase only.  So if you call you're supposed to get sent to the support portal (with an adequate explanation but getting that talking point right is a bit of a struggle. I'm working on that...)


                                        Do you run the uninstaller with /clean before installing?  Tha'ts usually the smart choice.


                                        We are working very actively on installer issues, so please do file a case.  and if you think you can find a reproducible installer bug please file a public bug on our jira bugbase (http://kb2.adobe.com/cps/403/kb403392.html).


                                        Unfortunately I don't have much bandwidth to cover this forum. I wish I did. I'll try to give it some time every day over the next few weeks (primarily to make sure that our subinacl fix is working in the new installers)    So do open a webcase, and if you're not getting good help post the case # and I'll get somebody on it.

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                                          HOLLORG Level 1

                                          We have downloaded the uninstaller however I have never found anything that indicates use /clean on this.


                                          We are not a developer, however we are a school that has a 500 seat license. In addition have moved towards a large number of educational websites and programs that are flash based.


                                          I am glad to hear that Adobe is listening because we have faculty that have begun to hate flash because of the frequency of problems.


                                          I'm currently connected to one of our terminal severs and as a user on that system I go to a site that requries flash and I get this message


                                          "You need to download the latest version of flash player to use this player"


                                          On the console logged on as the local administrator the site works.

                                          As a local users on the console it fails.

                                          As the domain administrator it works.


                                          We were told by our support company to try to remove the tool. Then run "change user /install" then install the flash program. Then run "Change user /execute"  The theory being maybe one of the updates or install I was not in /install mode and the system is confused.


                                          I will post if this fixes things...


                                          Please note: We support 500 systems and of the 500 system and the 4 FLASH updates over the last 3 years this has caused more work than any other program we use so we appreciate your attention. We would love to push these updates using a software distribution tool so we don't have to spend time in front of every computer.

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                                            HOLLORG Level 1

                                            I ran the uninstall_Flash_player.exe and tried the install again. It installed fine but only administrators could use the program...


                                            Then I did the uninstall_flash_player.exe and removed the C:\windows\system32\macromed\flash directory and files that were left behind and did the install usin the distribution MSI and it is working.


                                            The files that were left behind were flashauthor.cfg and a directory flashplayertrust

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                                              HOLLORG Level 1

                                              On my next system I deleted these 2 fiels and just ran the install using the MSI install and it fixed that system.

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                                                HOLLORG Level 1

                                                use the MIS install fixed the rest of the systems as well. Even without an uninstall.

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                                                  BWolfe [ADOBE] Level 3

                                                  Well now we're getting somewhere.


                                                  I'm not sure why those two files weren't being uninstalled.  Sometims older installs cause troubles (but a command line uninstall with /clean generally always gets rid of that stuff... )


                                                  And any organization with more than a handful of users should be getting the free player distribution license from http://www.adobe.com/licensing, and then using the bits that come with that download (such as the msi installer) to get Flash on their networks. Good job.

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                                                    telboy_c Level 1

                                                    Hi BWolfe,


                                                    The uninstallflash.exe /clean from the cmd line still reproduced the nsxx.tmp process, for us, which I ended and rebootedthe pc and now flash player installer works fine from webiste automatically without throwing up the nsxx.tmp process anymore.



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                                                      HOLLORG Level 1

                                                      I applied for the distribution install and ran it until the program asked me if I wanted to repair or remove it. That is the only way I have gotten this to work.


                                                      On a Citrix forum someone has spelled out the technical issue. Basically the application needs access to a registry key it creates at the time of install and the security settings on the key are set to blank and setting the security to propogate from the top level appears to fix this as well.




                                                      I run the MSI install until it clearly knows it is installed.




                                                      We are no going through our computer labs at work (school) and doing this install in the same way. Some systems 1 install works others we have done this step 4 or 5 times.



                                                      I hope the Adobe guy see this and can figure out a better solution because I don't even want to consider doing any more flash updates in the future. I think I've lost over a week of my life to this problem... and know knowing the issue I wonder why this would even have to occur.