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    Can't export selected slices - HELP!

    bunner bob

      Not sure what's going on, but when I try to export a selected slice (via right-click->Export Selected Slice), only some of the slices in my document are exporting. The dialog tells me "the file [name] already exists. Replace it?" - I click yes, but the file is not replaced. I tried removing the original file from the directory so it wouldn't have to replace anything but then it just doesn't save anything.


      Some slices in the document export just fine, others do not. In the two areas where this problem seems to be happening, these are multiple slices over the same area which I turn on one at a time along with underlying graphics. Specifically, an image header. I have 8 different image headers (one for each section of the site I'm building). Each image is on a layer directly above the previous header, and there is a corresponding (identical) web slice for each variation - only the name of the slice is different, position and dimensions are the same. Does that make sense? So I turn on the image I want, turn on the web slice, select it (the correct name appears), right click and Export, seems to happen - but - doesn't.


      But it did before, because I have all the slices I created the first time around. Now that I'm trying to update them though, I can't. It's bad news...



      Any idea what's going on, and how to fix it?


      I trashed preferences (Adobe Fireworks CS4/en/Fireworks CS4 Preferences) - on a Mac by the way.



      Really desperate - this site is due to go live as soon as this is done, and I can't seem to get these files exported.



      - Bob

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          bunner bob Level 1

          OK - I "solved" it - in typical Fireworks fashion...


          Turns out that if you have a slice on top of another slice, even if you TURN OFF the slice on top you can't export the slice underneath. You'll THINK you're exporting it, but no file gets written. The solution is to keep dragging the slice you want to export to the top of the stack of similar slices.


          Also turns out that if you have a slice on top of another slice, and you turn off one of them, and select the other one and resize it, the one that's turned off ALSO gets resized. It's invisible. You didn't select it. But it got resized.




          Not surprised - this is Fireworks, the buggiest piece of s..oftware... that has ever carried the Adobe name.


          For the future, I guess I'll have to give up this way of doing things. Too bad. It's nice to make one layout, put all your varying elements as layers in the same position, and just turn them on and off and export them individually. It works in ImageReady - no foolishness with non-displayed items interfering with displayed ones, or getting resized. For the future I'll just duplicate items next to each other instead of stacked, in separate files for just that purpose. Heading text-as-graphics, header images, etc.


          Why can't somebody FIX this program, or give us something else that DOES work...I'm amazed I don't hear more complaining about it, but maybe the PC version works better than the Mac...


          - Bob

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            heathrowe Most Valuable Participant

            Why are you creating same size/overlapping slices to toggle on/off when it's the Layer content that is changing (your 8 headers)?


            Just one set of slices will do, then toggle the header images (that already fit the original slices).



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              bunner bob Level 1

              But each slice needs a unique name. So don't I need a slice for each corresponding layer/header? Or should I just name each slice as I save it?

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                Jim_Babbage Level 4

                You could do it that way, or have a page for each header. I would just 

                keep separate pages. This gives you a great deal of control over each 

                unique header/ page design. Toggling layers on and off is very much a 

                Photoshop workflow because PS doesn't have the capability of utilizing 

                multiple pages for different designs.


                Alternatively, create a single new page and you can just stack each 

                header one above the other on the canvas and generate individual 

                slices quickly in that manner. It won't be a page that looks like a 

                cohesive design, but the end goal is the image export, not maintaining 

                a mock up design, for that page.



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                  heathrowe Most Valuable Participant

                  Correct - you can just rename the slice(s) before export.


                  Jim;s suggestion will work well, also. Duplicate the Page, it automatically duplicates a second set of slices which you can rename separately from page one. Toggle the header graphic and your good to go. No need for overlapping issues as the Slices will be contained on a page by page basis.