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    WMV problems




      I recently installed CS4 together with all updates.  The basic programme works ok although for the life of me I don't see why all those process importers are needed.  I simply want to cut films.


      Anyway, to business.  I'm encoding from the timeline to a Pal widescreen WMV9 file.  It goes through all the motions.  When I play back through windows media player I get a audio and a black screen - apart from 1 vertical line of picture in the middle.  very odd!


      CS3 had no problems at all. I'm having to do all wmv work through procoder at the moment.


      I'm not going to pass judgement on something that I don't yet know the answer to.  Have any of you patient, tolerant and long suffering premiere guys and gals any answers for me.  Otherwise I may have to submit the file to adobe.......???

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          the_wine_snob Level 9

          Welcome to the forum.


          What are the exact Export Settings, please?


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            pradamedia Level 1

            It's the standard unconstrained media encoder settings.  I simply click from a windows media list - pal widescreen 1024k - and all the parameters come up.  I could list them all but I'm sure you're as familiar with them as I am.


            I should add - I've been using Premiere since Noah built the Ark - and I've struggled with each and everyone in some form or another.  Each new version fixes some problems and then  presents something unexpected.


            Put it this way.  I'm not doing anything in cs4 that I don't do in cs3 yet I get this strange result.

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              Jim_Simon Level 8
              I don't see why all those process importers are needed.


              If I had to guess, I'd say it was part of the compartmentalization of Premiere, which now can spawn many processes instead of just the one, thus allowing use of greater amounts of memory available on 64 bit systems.  Sort of a poor man's version of 64 bit software, making it not a true 64 bit application, but "64 bit compatible" in marketing speak.


              That is purely a guess, though.

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                the_wine_snob Level 9

                As a test, can you try using Windows Media Encoder to see if you have a difference?


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                  pradamedia Level 1

                  Interesting interpretation!


                  You obviously have CS4.  What happens when you do a wmv export from the timeline?  Do you get the same as I do or different?  We probably have different hardware.  Bu if we both get the same problem that would tend to suggest a software problem.  However, and this is the $64KQ, how come nobody else has reported this?

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                    Ann Bens Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                    I just encoded a hdv timeline into a wmv with your settings and it plays beautiful in WMP.

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                      the_wine_snob Level 9

                      What version of CS4 are you running? Seems that there were some issues with an earlier update and WMV's, but do not recall any of the details. If you do not have 4.1 (look for some small black type below the logo with Help>About), I'd install that. Use Bridge to get the updates for PrPro, AME and anything else in your suite.


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                        I had the same WMV problem at work. Some of the computers there are as basic as you can get, with Windows media player 9, no DVD-burner, just basic cd-player. I exported PAL project as PAL NON-widescreen WMV9 and it played nicely on that and on another computer with latest codecs. When I tried that file with the most basic Windows computer, I had the same result as you did: black screen with thin vertical line.


                        After long testing period I found an answer: I exported the same project as NTSC NON-widescreen WMV with framerate 25 fps and it worked !


                        Hope this helps!



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                          pradamedia Level 1



                          That tells me that HDV translated to Windows Media without problems. But HDV is hardware independant.


                          I'm now going to throw in a bit of leftfield info.The timeline setting is Blackmagic MJPEG - basically a proprietry compressed avi serving an INTENSITY card. As I say, no probs with CS3 so what's going on with CS4?


                          I can't believe a Blackmagic hardware driver is causing it because hardware drivers do not have this ability.  So what else?


                          What I'll do is export a bit of a DV timeline and see if the problem persists.  In the meantime any other feedback would be welcome.


                          This never happened when I worked on 1"B & C VTRs!!

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                            pradamedia Level 1

                            VERY interesting!


                            My Q6700 PC could hardly be described as basic but I admit It's probably not state-of-art.


                            Your solution could work for me and I will try these before going further on this forum.  Thank you very much.

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                              pradamedia Level 1

                              Yeh...all the latest updates...as I said earlier - I'm an old hand at Premiere.  I also went on the very first AVID courses at the national Film School at Beaconsfield.  THAT tells you how long I've been around.


                              One thing I have learned, however, is that you're never too old to learn!

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                                the_wine_snob Level 9

                                I hope that the PAL/NTSC change fixes it for you too.


                                BTW are you using a BM MJPEG CODEC, or MainConcept or Morgan?


                                I understand about being around for a bit. When I started, video was either 2" tape or a direct feed to a precursor of the Ampex Switcher. U-Matic had not even been invented yet. Of course, I was doing film, 'cause I never could see my images on that danged 2" tape.





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                                  pradamedia Level 1

                                  Okey dokey...done a few trial encodes...here's my results:


                                  After encoding a native Pal DV file on a native Pal DV timeline to Pal WMV = black screen + vertical picture line

                                  After encoding an MJPG Blackmagic file to Pal WMV = black screen + vertical picture line

                                  After encoding an MJPG Blackmagic file to NTSC WMV = full screen but black bars top and bottom = no solution. *


                                  * Our friend who suggested a false NTSC alternative:    Got a full picture at least but, of course there is always going to be a 480 / 576 discrpency producing black banding so not really a solution.


                                  What does this tell us ladies and gentlemen? Well..there a number of possibilities:


                                  a. I'm stupid (possible)

                                  b. No PAL user has ever got a successful WMV from a DV or MJPEG timeline (unlikely)

                                  c. CS4 has a subtly different encoding algorithm to CS3 (highly likely considering all the importer/exporter/processor gubbins Adobe have built in to the new version)

                                  d. Windows Media Player reacts differently to both versions (highly likely also but not very helpful if you haven't got the latest version)

                                  e. Pal is the poor relation to NTSC in terms of software priority ( well they've got form on this haven't they?)


                                  As I said before, I haven't an answer.  All I know is a small bank till somewhere goes kerching!!! and I've spent more money.  I end up with software that still fails to live up to Speed Razor's trail-blazing potential that never was.


                                  Yours disappointingly...

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                                    pradamedia Level 1

                                    OK...I've found the problem but I don't like it.


                                    Seemingly, CS4 will not export Pal WMV9 files that can play successfully in Windows Media Player 9.  I've tried it on three separate computers.  My friend who posted earlier suggested this and my thanks to him.  The same files play back on Windows Media Player 11 without a problem so it seems there is a compatability issue. CS3 exports to WMV9 without a problem. So what is different about CS4?


                                    I think it gets tricky from here.  I always thought codecs were fixed - if you export to WMV9 you can play everywhere and anywhere that supports that codec.  Obviously WMP9 and 11 do not handle the CS3/4 adobe outputs the same.


                                    Perhaps the tech guys at Adobe have a comment on this?