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    Getting started with CS4 Pro.Prem. / AE - Which CPU Type?


      Hey everyone,

      I'm working with a new camcorder recording in 1920x1080 HD AVCHD (*.mts).

      I'm going to work with CS4 Production Premium on Vista 64 Bit, 8 RAM DDR3, 1 GB Nvidia graphic.

      Both programs, AE and Prem. will be used. (Works will cutting, effects, color cor., keying, rendering, all-round)

      Since editing avchd material nativ requires loads of performance, I'm gonna

      get myself a new Desktop-PC.

      I got two CPUs on my mind:

      Intel Core2 Quad Q9550      4x 2,83GHz

      Intel Core2 Duo E8500         3,17GHz

      So whats better for the suite, Core or Duo? Is the 2,83 faster then

      the 3,17 Duo or shall I use a 3,3 Duo?

      I'd really appreciate a few tips and answers!