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    Broken links in ASDocs.




      I am trying to generate asdocs for my library.

      Whenever I encounter classes that are in the Flex library “playerglobal.swc” (for example, if my class extends flash.event.IEventDispatcher), I end up with a link in my asdoc that points to an empty location (i.e. a broken link).

      I tried to use the parameter “-external-library-path+= …” to point to playerglobal.swc, but it causes my asdoc build to fail with the error “Error: could not find source for class … libs/playerglobal.swc”


      FYI: I am using Flex SDK: 3.2


      Can someone please help?




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          I don't think you want to incorporate the entirety of the Flex documentation.  You probably want to make a link to the livedocs.

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            I'm having the same problem when extending library classes, also on Flex 3.2.


            My preference would be for asdoc to simply include the name of the superclass (e.g. flash.events.IEventDispatcher) in the documentation rather than generating any sort of link.  The previous poster's suggestion, that the link be made to reference the online doc, would also be acceptable, but I don't know how to do that.  Remember, there is no @see tag; the link to the superclass is included automatically by asdoc.