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    How to set selectedChild/Index of TileList ViewStack item



      Hello, I currently have a TileList that has 6 items. I am currently rendering each item as a ViewStack (as shown below), but when I try to set the selectedIndex attribute of the object, it doesnt work...the content1 content shows up for each item instead of object w/ id = N showing content N. Any ideas how I can get this to work?


      <mx:TileList >
                              <mx:HBox  id="content"1>
                                    <mx:Label text="card 1  Content" />


                              <mx:HBox id="content2">

                                      <mx:Label text="card 2 Content" />




                                 <mx:HBox id="content6">

                                      <mx:Label text="card 6 Content" />


                  <mx:Object id="obj1" selectedIndex="0"/>
                  <mx:Object id="obj2" selectedIndex="1"/>


                  <mx:Object id="obj6" selectedIndex="5"  />