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    Instantiation of component in TileList?


      When I create a custom component with some public methods and then I set a itemRenderer property of an <mx:TileList to the custom component's name,I'm unable to call the public methods. Does the tilelist not instantiate a component each time it renders an item/object? if it doesn't, is there some way i can call the public methods that I created for that component?



      Sample code:



                    obj1.myCustomFunction();   //can I call something like this ?





      <mx:TileList itemRenderer="myCustomComponent" >


           <mx:Object id="obj1" />

            <mx:Object id="obj2" />



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          leybniz Level 4

          Nope you can't do that way,

          since your object is Data item itself and itemRenderer is a visual component whose responsibility is to display Data item.


          Generally, you have to put all your logic inside your custom "myCustomComponent" class by overriding data property:


          override public function set data(value:*):void {

               super.data = value;


               // Here you have your obj1, obj2, objN as value