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    Protecting a fillable form with Reader


      Hi there


      I'm working in Acrobat 8 Pro. I'm creating a form that my client will fill out using Reader and will then have to either save the form or protect it so the information cannot be changed. After the initial creatiion of the form I will have no further involvement.


      So, how can a person fill out a form in Reader and then lock it or protect it so the form cannot be altered??


      I read somewhere about possibly having a javascript lock the fields, but I don't know the first thing on how to do it.


      Help please!




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          Vaibhav Padlikar Level 2

          Until you get a scripting solution, you may try to print the form to a postscript file ( by using "print to file" option). This ps file can then be distilled at the server to convert to pdf ( or where you have hosted the form) and the fields will be non-editable.


          Hope this helps.



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            Hi Elisa,


            You may define a signature field for your client to sign & send (or save) after filling up all the necessary data. While creating the signature field, there is an option to protect ALL fields or ALL except certain fields. I hope this is what you are looking for.


            Btw, is it possible to fill up the Form by Reader and save it? (I know it can be filled by Reader and print it only) Please correct me.



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              lovejones596 Level 1

              Hi Colourit2000,


              I was able to figure it out using signatures, so thank you.


              Regarding your question about saving, you can. This is what I do. After I create my form with my a client signatrue field (that i make invisible) I "endable usages rights in acrobat reader…" under the advance menu. This makes me save the file. By enabling usage, this allows my client to save the pdf when they are done doing revisions or filling out the form. I then certify the pdf without a visible signature myself (under advanced/sign & certify). This is the final pdf I send to the client. I sent my client my signature for verification. It has been working out great.


              Hope that answers your question.



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                colourit2000 Level 1

                Hi Elisa,


                Thanks for your advice. This is what I am looking for.


                Thanks again!