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    Media Encoder woes

    Rizzer Level 1

      Ok - hopefully i will have time to post a much more indepth overview of my problem - but in a nutshell - media encoder is destroying my export.



      I have the latest update (4.1.0) running a PC with Vista 64 12gigs ram dual quads - but I am also getting the same problems on my dual quad MAC.


      I saved the sequence on our server and another editor at another office is having same issues.



      One example - I am using a dynamic link to AE for some text with a glow added. Back inside premiere - it looks correct.  I render an uncompressed file (avi on PC mov on mac) and glow is gone.


      I place that sequence inside of another (nest it) and export via ME.  Glow is now there, but it is extremely pixelated - as in totally unusable.



      Same results exporting H264. I even tried animation codec on the Mac, but to no avail.



      I think Media Encoder is causing these problems because i can see the glow back inside of Premiere - and it looks correct in the preview window.


      Is there any other way to export?  I have tried to open the project in AE and render there - but there are a few items that wont translate and re-creating all of those in AE just to render there would be a nightmare.


      Anyone else having these issues?


      I will post screenies after the weekend with more detailed information.

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          shooternz Level 6

          Dont have an answer for this issue (which I suspect is caused by DL) but I can suggest that you export an Intermediate from AEFX and use that instead.

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            Rizzer Level 1

            well - i actually rendered out those AE sequences as uncompressed files and placed them into the Premiere project.  The render out of AE worked great and once inside of premiere they looked fine also (exactly the same as when using the DL).


            But again, upon rendering via ME - the lose the glow ot become aliased when inside a nested seq.


            very frustrating - I am a 10 year Premiere vet.

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              shooternz Level 6

              Did you add any additional FX to the intermediate clip once in the PPro sequence?

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                Rizzer Level 1

                No extra effects added inside of prmiere...

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                  shooternz Level 6

                  Beats me then.


                  I have had issues with AME not previewing (and exporting) as per the timeline.   In this instance I had additional fx added to the clip.


                  I never got to the bottom of it and call it a bug.

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                    Rizzer Level 1

                    I think that is my consensus as well...  Thanks for your thoughts on this matter, though.


                    I like the direction Adobe was going with AME, but this is a real show stopper.

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                      I've put similar info into another post having similar problems as I've also had problems getting media encoder to SEE and export the full timeline.  It loses dissolves from black and other transitions with annoying frequency.  Another patch please adobe if you're listening!

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                        Rizzer Level 1

                        Interesting update - after completely deleting and then re-installing the Font set i was using - I am getting better results.  i have only tested a small 20 second portion, but results so far are encouraging!

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                          Rizzer - I'm having the same problem as you. There's some sort of conflict with the Media Encoder. I can export short 1 to 2 minute clips, but anything more, I get an error message.


                          PProHeadless Event Error. [..\..\Src\RemoteImporterModule.CPP-250]

                          and sometimes

                          PProHeadless Event Error. [..\..\Src\RemoteImporterModule.CPP-399]


                          and then my Premiere Freezes

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                            Rizzer Level 1

                            For the record, this issue has never been solved and is still a problem.

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                              the_wine_snob Level 9

                              As per Jim Simon's comment in the "Update" thread, what are the source Clips.


                              In very general terms, I'm fond of saying that problems break down thusly:


                              1.) System (from the rough specs. and also the same problems on a Mac, I'd say that this can likely be ruled out)


                              2.) Assets - that's why I asked


                              3.) Project - could still be a possibility


                              4.) Bug - sill in the running as a candidate


                              Good luck, and wish I had an iron-clad suggestion for you, and the other poster



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                                the_wine_snob Level 9

                                The PProHeadless points to an issue with DL. The OP did experience AME issues, when the AE Comps were Exported as intermediate files. Have you tried this, to bypass DL?


                                However, the OP did still have AME issues, even with the AE Comps as intermediates, so it might well not fix things. Still, it could get you past PProHeadless errors. Worth a try.


                                Good luck,




                                PS DL between PrPro and AE seem a fairly common thread. Same for DL between PrPro and Encore. Judging by the posts on DL, I'd speculate that it's still not quite ready for "prime time."

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                                  Jim_Simon Level 8

                                  The PProHeadless points to an issue with DL.


                                  I'm curious why you say that.  It's my understanding that the executable is merely an instance of Premiere sans GUI, and runs whenever AME is called to export, regardless of the use of DL in the project.

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                                    the_wine_snob Level 9

                                    Predicated on info in the other THREAD, I will now ammend my previous post:


                                    2.) Assets - that's why I asked


                                    3.) Project - could still be a possibility


                                    Looks like the Bug is still in the running and gaining fast.


                                    Have you filed a Bug Report/Feature Request with the data that you've furnished in your two thread?


                                    Good luck,