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    SWF not updating on local server. Help!


      I am building an app that ive been testing using a wamp server that i installed on my comp. As I've been building it's been working fine up until recently it has stopped updating the swf on the localhost. So everytime I run the project it runs an old version of the app. The steps Ive taken to try to solve this:


      1. emptying the cache in firefox
      2. installed web developer tool bar in firefox and used it to turn off the cache ( this worked for a little while then my problem returned ).
      3. deleting the project and reimporting it into flex
      4. a basic refresh using f5 on the project while in flex
      5. ensuring i had no errors and then cleaning the project
      6. ive tried starting a new project and then recopying my scripts and mxml in to the new project.
      7. deleting the bin-debug folder.


      Those are the bulk of the things that I've tried. I'm at a dead end here and dont know what to do. If there is anybody who has an idea of what i should do i really appreciate any help. Thank you in advance to all..