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    Transcribe to Text...

    fuaho Level 1

      The following is the result of using the transcribe function.

      Needless to say it has nothing to do with the interview.

      I think the beat poets would have loved Premiere CS4!!!



      [Speaker Unknown] I SA So I wish you the story keep an eye on the ice we're going with her Lauren alarm with Carnoustie coli this race what is state law it's really a lot of this roll that imagine a car a lose lose really all good things the race the ratings last ten days what does is build on them Owen was costly it's located in the West Lauren Wallace Karl Rove alone but analysts say it was costly they are located all of the most so nice for what happened White said The stewards Lawrence there are you wouldn't they're all liberal what's going on for whatever worries the Americans the move to the only item which actually was it is in this Cornell Green has filled in ditto for long two spot and it embarrassed her there is more closely now she was the collector she said that's the birds this has been Americans hello her appearances in the world so there are some who say that every once in his morning show well you know many of those famous hotel or will it have to hold all four groups associated with that it is getting a row he can twist Stuart Little David Rose Ono the widow who ruled the news the two bars with us on this we're actors and singers girl that has the story of the inherent in this thing without a lot no you know Louis Blues in his early six or so years who cares and then with this the Americans and a Coney Island and you can easily grow into the dust over Boras caller you go Shuler D N well it is dry we're all in the early days Lewis said the judge grants that was for grabs so I didn't say it but out of the ones who will go got to take you there tomorrow this is yours Jack is off Cotto school history the law all and she chooses with that that is that's led to this well I would do the Europeans years and probing them s this is for all those wounds yes of release her poll ratings the roof of the damage people know leading Great Britain and the rumors you know our whole grains there are no worse for wear red Oh no Grace it was crucial in this the Ducks she follows a move for actually hello Lou no one goes to orange there Mussina said this war you don't Oh no O'Toole Well the before we use it can we get this over with one out of this the station relaxation at his door the terrorists in order to a number of museums all of them the world's oil the blue and orange ones stay in the war on crime community to see you he was most helpful were there first get it over the guards go along who does vote from voter was tennis you'll see it Bono urges who no I've seen data show Harris All right go room to room Rob Stringer and what s going to war well Daryn that there was we are the ones still in use today is all shallow Kerry It's the whole world the men to go OK you're on the case isn't really a letter contains no longer works shortly after that s Steve will lose again she has been more united states across the road so on this whole state people who is slowly this early in the road the Bruins also faces with us all to lose your rear door and these indictments so what do the time wrote one last week Coleman's going on so the last forty years ago so no hotels initially will it prove that he's home there are a staple in Brighton Beach at the Korea also four to one in the post although his lack of speed no King the Saudis on this call what are the only goal was successful more and more it's the Tests or were you this is yours is rumors I that won't last OK so that's a good place to stop

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          Alex DeJesus Level 1

          Did you ever find a fix for the transcription problem? I am brand new to CS4 and have the same issue. Here's a sample of mine:


          Tried a source file in both AVI and PMEG 2 HDV with good quality audio:


          "the name thousand four on the knee the whole day on Tuesday will the light of the lead J just continually you've just been showing you mean to say yes to the natural alternatives tonight the intelligence community will make and it keeps your skin healthy own names on it Michael Dell is mineral make a good season and missed and beautiful color combinations in a climate of minerals and pick things up quite easily and went incredibly well Mike Allen in their only consistent on that show how the US which are made of one hundred percent sure my kids and animals and his chances for keeping the most sensitive skin we like umbrellas and mineral makeup products are very simple to use and putting them on and take only a few minutes the foundation is very easy to use it takes only three starts continued that can fly only a small amount of the foundation keep your face day dawns the Brewers and Giants"


          Total gibberish. I transcribed with the slower setting for more accuracy. What is being done to fix this?

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            fuaho Level 1

            No we have not found a fix. I think this was some marketing director's pipedream.


            The only time we use it is when things are a little dull around the shop then we'll run a scene or two through it and end up ROFL.  

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              Jim_Simon Level 8
              I think this was some marketing director's pipedream.


              VERY much so.  What a waste of programming resources that might have gone into making CS4 a truly 64 bit app, instead of having to wait for CS5 (if we're lucky).