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    Has anyone here any experience with Amazon AIM?

    WolfShade Level 4

      Hello, all.


      I'm working on a project that sends and receives data with Amazon on a regular basis.  Amazon recently announced that pretty soon (no set date, yet) their program "Charge When Shipped" will be required (basically, a seller does not get paid unless he/she confirms that an order has been shipped.)


      I'm trying to use Amazon's AIM to communicate with the Amazon server, notifying of confirmed shipped orders, so sellers can get paid for what they just shipped out.  Basically, I have CF grab all orders that have been shipped, group by client, create a tab-delimited list of the orders that have been shipped, create a .txt file of that information and save it in a directory on the server.  Next step: upload that file to Amazon servers.


      Having problems.  Finally got it to work somewhat, but what is being returned is an empty string, not the XML I need in order to proceed.  No error messages are being returned, so I don't know what the issue is.


      Sadly, Amazon documentation is seriously lacking and has no code samples (and even if it did, it probably would not contain CF sample code; just every other scripting language) and the support forum is slow; and even then, a lot of times people just reply with a link to the aforementioned documentation.


      So, is there anyone here who has experience in setting up Confirm When Ship for an Amazon client?