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    Getting layers to move together


      I have made an animation with a wall and floor. The Camera pans across the stage from left to right but the two layers (wall and floor) do not move together (locked together). In other words the wall slides along the floor a bit as the camera pans.

      I have tried to "parent" wall and floor but that doesn't seem to work. I know there is a way.



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          Adolfo Rozenfeld Adobe Employee

          Yes, parenting will do.

          But it's not mutual. The parent layer will transfer its' transformations to the child, but not the other way around.

          So if you parent floor to wall, you have to make sure you animate the wall layer.

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            Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            I think that you may be seeing paralax caused by a separation in Z between the back wall and the floor. Fix this by making sure that the floor and wall are intersecting. You can do this by choosing different views and manipulating the layers, or by matching values for position.


            When I'm making floor and wall pieces I move the anchor point of the  wall to the bottom of the layer. The easiest way would be just multiply the Y anchor point value by 2. IOW if the layer is 480 pixels high then select the Y value of the anchor point in the timeline, use the right arrow key to move to the end and then type *2. This will set the anchor point to the exact bottom of the layer .


            Then set the Y value of the floor to  0 and rotate it -90º in X. The floor and wall should now form a perfect L.


            Now when you move the camera they will be tied together.

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              RickRoo Level 1

              Thanks Adolfo, I will play with this.

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                RickRoo Level 1


                Thanks, anchor point did the trick,