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    Can't save PDF file, need help.


      I just bought a Last Will & Testament (Adams) CD sold by Nova publishing company. It provides many forms in PDF and Text file format. It makes the statement that the PDF files cannot be saved. You can print out the PDF form and type in the information, or you can fill in the form and print it out but you can never save it with stored information. If you have an error your screwed, do it over. I was shocked. I called the product support department and he said you can't save these forms, that's the way PDF is. I said that is hard to believe as I thought that I have filled in PDF forms before. But you can use text files, which look lousy.


      I am not an expert on Adobe Reader. So how can I get around this road block. Or do I return the product? I didn't buy this product to insert the data with a typewriter. Anybody have any suggestions? I have Adobe Reader 8.1 on my computer