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    Changing a forground image slice type to a background image

    ITLogic Level 1

      Ok, so I had everything perfect. But, then I realized I was using a foreground image slice type in 3 slices where I intended to put content. So, I canged the type to background image and set the CSS rules to no-repeat, fixed, centered and top. So, now I exported to CSS and Images and it's all out of wack.


      In my attempt to figure out what went wrong, I went back to change those 3 slices to foreground images. I saved and exported again, but they are still being exported as background images. I have tried shutting down Firefox and Fireworks, restrting and exporting again, but the slices keep exporting as background images eventhough I reset them to foreground. Has anyone else ever had this problem? Is it a caching thing maybe?