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    Is Flash CS4 to quality Quicktime not an option?

    Porkchop Bob

      So I have recently aquired Flash CS4 and the Quicktime Export is completely different from any version before.  I create a lot of 3-4 minute shorts in Flash and have always enjoyed the ease of QT export, but when I export with CS4 I get all kinds of ghosting, even on 5-10 second clips so breaking up the fla file's scenes is no help.  After doing a lot of online research I see a few people have similar problems, but no concrete explanations or solutions.  Has Flash-to-Quicktime compatability been disabled?  Am I missing something?  I see that the "Quicktime Movie" export options is not available, only the "Quicktime" export, which yields inferior results.  Since I export to the web and for dvd I don't want to have to export PNG sequences and rebuild the soundtrack, but is there simply no longer quality compatability between the two programs?  Do I need to ditch Flash for Toon Boom?


      Any help is greatly appreciated, this is driving me absolutely nuts.