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    parse rss issue

    SirPainkiller Level 1
      I've been trying to parse this rss feed

      Here is the code I'm using:
      <!--- Retrieve the RSS document --->
      <cfhttp url=" http://www.economicnews.ca/cepnews/wire/rss/custom?u=camagazine&p=39d7g7d9" method="get">
      <cfhttpparam type="Header" name="Accept-Encoding" value="deflate;q=0">
      <cfhttpparam type="Header" name="TE" value="deflate;q=0">

      <!--- Validation flag --->
      <cfset XMLVALIDATION = true>

      <!--- Create the XML object --->
      <cfset objRSS = xmlParse(cfhttp.filecontent)>

      <cfcatch type="any">
      <!--- If the document retrieved in the CFHTTP
      is not valid set the validation flag to false. --->
      <cfset XMLVALIDATION = false>

      <cfif XMLVALIDATION>
      <!--- If the validation flag is true continue parsing --->

      <!--- Set the XML Root --->
      <cfset XMLRoot = objRSS.XmlRoot>

      <!--- Retrieve the document META data --->
      <cfset doc_title = XMLRoot.channel.title.xmltext>
      <cfset doc_link = XMLRoot.channel.link.xmltext>
      <cfset doc_description = XMLRoot.channel.description.xmltext>
      <cfset doc_content = XMLRoot.channel.content.xmltext>

      <!--- Output the meta data in the browser --->
      <!-- <cfoutput>
      <b>Title</b>: #doc_title#<br/>
      <b>Link</b>: #doc_link#<br/>
      <b>Description</b>: #doc_description#<br/><br/>
      </cfoutput> -->

      <!--- Retrieve the number of items in the channel --->
      <cfset Item_Length = arraylen(XMLRoot.channel.item)>

      <!--- Loop through all the items --->
      <cfloop index="itms" from="1" to="2">
      <!--- Retrieve the current Item in the loop --->
      <cfset tmp_Item = XMLRoot.channel.item[itms]>

      <!--- Retrieve the item data --->
      <cfset item_title = tmp_item.title.xmltext>
      <cfset item_link = tmp_item.link.xmltext>
      <cfset item_description = tmp_item.description.xmltext>
      <cfset item_content = tmp_item.content.xmltext>

      <!--- Output the items in the browser --->
      <a href="#item_link#" target="_blank"><strong>#item_title#</strong></a><br/>
      #item_description#<br/><br/><br />

      <!--- If the validation flag is false display error --->
      Invalid XML/RSS object!

      But it gives me the following error:
      Element CHANNEL.CONTENT.XMLTEXT is undefined in XMLROOT.

      The error occurred in E:\inetpub\wwwroot\cica\shane_upload_folder\rss_parse.cfm: line 31

      29 : <cfset doc_link = XMLRoot.channel.link.xmltext>
      30 : <cfset doc_description = XMLRoot.channel.description.xmltext>
      31 : <cfset doc_content = XMLRoot.channel.content.xmltext>

      I've checked and re-checked, I've done dumps and the content is there, so I'm not sure what the heck it doesn't like. Thoughts anyone?