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    Nikon D90 video + Premiere Elements 3 randomly works


      I have Premiere Elements 3, and just started trying to work with the video from my D90. I have a problem that some of the D90 AVI video files import and are fine, and others give an error that they are corrupt or the codec may not be installed. All the files play in VLC and other players. So, they are not corrupt. Other threads talk about codec issues, but that doesn't seem to be the case here as some of the AVI files will important an play fine in premiere elements. It also doesn't seem to be a file size issue as some files of the same size will import and others won't, and some larger files (65 MB) will but some 5MB files won't. This includes video shot on the same day. So, nothing about the encoding was changing on the camera. Does anyone have any suggestions?