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    Capturing Quiz Results


      Dear all,


      I am working on Presenter and publishing to be viewed in browser.


      Unfortunately, we are not having an LMS and might not have one for some time(budgetary constraints). I made a html page where i am hosting the file as link.  can some one please guide me how can i capture Quiz results.




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          I believe you can fake it. I'm doing something like this -- I don't have an LMS, but I'm getting the Presenter Flash module to communicate the quiz results (and overall module progress) to a custom-built system. Basically, you just create a JavaScript object on the page that acts as the LMS and responds to the appropriate commands that will be passed to it.


          A few suggestions to get you started... (based on what I did):


          - set up the Presenter module to enable reporting using SCORM

          - on the page that loads the module, define the API_1484_11 object

          - have it respond to standard SCORM methods: Initialize, Terminate, GetValue, SetValue, Commit, GetLastError, GetErrorString


          I'd suggest you start by having the GetValue and SetValue methods provide you with debugging info so you can see what values the Flash module is asking for and setting.