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    Problem with FLVPlayback causing slideshow to loop uncontrollably


      I can't seem to figure out how to get my slideshow to stop looping after I imported an external video.  It will no longer stop at frame one, it simply plays all the way through the frames with no pause even though I have a stop(); on each frame.


      The file functions properly until I added the FLVPlayback component.  It was looping even when the FLVPlayback component was in the library and exported for actionscript and in frame 1.  After unchecking these boxes it won't loop, however that all changes as soon as I drag an instance of the component on stage or inside a movie clip on stage.


      The flash presentation I'm working on is designed so 1 frame is one slide and I need the video to be playable from 1 slide (frame).  Even after placing stop actions everywhere I could think of it still loops straight through with the FLVPlayback component.  Any help would be appreciated.