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    Cannot update or uninstall Acrobat 9 Pro


      I have installed Acrobat 9.0.0 Pro on a MacBook Pro 13" with OS X 10.5.7. Several attempts to update it to 9.1.2 have failed, with the last producing a mesage that the application has been modified. The uninstaller could not select the application either (with a message that it has been modified). This has never happened before to me (Acrobat 4, 5, 7, and 8). Please help.


      Thank you.

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          Phillip M Jones Level 4

          First, take a look at the acrobat  application with get info. Does it show 9.0.0 or what number is it? (if you haven't updated in a while its easy to forget.


          Next, go to Disk Utility and repair permissions.


          Next if you still can't, then do Unintall from with the acrobat Directory. After that, then do Fid file from the finder for acrobat. remove all traces of anything Acrobat installed that has to to do with acrobat 9


          Now install original copy from CD.


          Now before you use the program run the updater (Help >  update)  while Updater is downloading click on icon of updater in Dock and choose to keep in dock.

          Now quit acrobat. The updater does not install anything correctly while acrobat is running. (In fact at some point it will say quit acrobat). Why adobe put in one or two lines of code that would quit Acrobat as soon as installer was connected and runing I'll never know.


          Now when through run installer from dock agin, repeat until ther are no more updates.


          Now go to printer utility if more than one AdobePDF printer is listed remove all. Quit


          Now open Acrobat and go to help > repair or replace and choose AdobePDF. Because of Macintosh naming system each AdobePDF print Driver has a unique name  AdobePDF 8.1 (example), AdobePDF 9.0 (example).

          So they do not necessarily get over written or replaced. Do not do repair and replace on any other versions older. Always install the latest version.


          If that doesn't work you may have to download and install a Utility called AppleJack. (run in Single User Mode , command-S).

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            wittkin Level 1

            Thank you very much  for your effort in helping solve this problem. Sorry for not responding sooner, but I had to purchase a backup hard drive to make a bootable copy of the machine before any further changes.


            This is a short update on a partial solution so far.


            1. The Acrobat Pro was 9.0.0 indeed (since the machine was new, there were no other previous versions of the application). After the installation, Acrobat 9.0.0 could open and function on the machine.


            2. I repaired the permissions before installing Acrobat 9 (and several times after the successive failures to install the updates). The update installer always produced the following error message:


                "Update failed. The patch has failed because the application has been modified since it was originally installed (for example, plug-ins may have been disabled). Please go to the Adobe support website for more information regarding how to re-enable disabled components prior to installing the patch. Or, you can install and reinstall the application, and then reinstall the patch."


            3. Since the uninstaller could not remove the application (and I did not want to do it manually at this stage), I used a few pointers from your posting and tried the following:


            a) I stopped using the updater, and downloaded the following patches directly from Adobe


            b) The first and second updates have installed properly, one by one. The third update failed, and produced the same error message.


            c) I have also studied similar problems with Adobe Pro version 8.0.0 and its updates 8.1.0, 8.1.1 and 8.1.2, as posted here, and tried suggested solutions through the Adobe Tech Note  provided at
            1. Select /Applications/Adobe Acrobat 8 Professional/Adobe Acrobat Professional.app
            2. Ctrl+click and select "Show Package Contents"
            3. Go to /Contents/Resources/AMT/
            4. Delete the file AUMProduct.aup
            5. Relaunch Acrobat and try updating again
            (It does not work)
            I also tried the update from a different admin user.
            (It does not work)


            This process of fixing persistent bugs in the installation of applications is time consuming and frustrating. It appears that the problem has been known and reported by users since Acrobat 8 Pro. Why is it still here? How can we get a solution from Adobe?


            Thank you again for your help, Phillip.

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              I have exactly the same problem in more or less the same configuration (15" in stead of 13" Macbook Pro). I have got the upate failed massage since the 910 patch but using direct downloaded patches worked (Acrobat is now 9.1.1.) until now. Since I am certain that I have not changed anything on Acrobat or it's plug-ins, I' am supporting the conclusion of your post and am very interesting to learn a working solution to this problem.

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                Exact same problem here regarding failed updates.


                Also tried using the Acrobat uninstaller but it doesn't recognize Acrobat as a valid Adobe application to uninstall.


                I also agree with the OP that the possible workaround listed above looks very timeconsuming - in fact, I'm going to have to wait until the weekend to do this as I can't afford to take out several hours of my working day to try and fix this issue.


                In fact I'm tempted to wait for CS5 when hopefully I'll get a fresh install. Acrobat seems to be working anyway and I'm not aware of what benefit the updates beyond 9.0.0 would give me in return for what looks like a serious investment in time.


                Update: I downloaded the standalone 9.1 updater in the hope that might work as reported by some people, but it gives me the same errors as the OP listed.


                To restate the obvious, what would be really wonderful is a properly worked out Adobe fix for this bug.

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                  wittkin Level 1

                  This is not a solution to the above problem with Adobe Acrobat 9.0 (or 8.0, called from now on "Acrobat"), but a procedure to avoid the problem. Using this procedure, I have installed and updated Acrobat 9.0 on my new Mac Mini.


                  1. Place the "Adobe Acrobat 9 Pro" folder in the Applications folder (do NOT change anything in the name "Adobe Acrobat 9 Pro" or in any other name of the files contained in that folder).


                  2. Open "Adobe Acrobat Professional.app"
                      - supply the required license key (do NOT do anything else with Acrobat at this stage).


                  3. Close "Adobe Acrobat Professional.app".


                  4. From Adobe, manually download each Acrobat Update disk image, dmg, for 9.1, 9.1.1., 9.1.2.


                  5. Open the dmg for 9.1 (AcroProUpd910_all.dmg) first, and then
                      - drag the Acrobat 9 Pro Patch.app to your startup hard drive (HD);
                      - open the patch from the HD;
                      - select the application to be patched (Acrobat 9 Pro);
                      - select OK;
                      - wait until "Update successful" appears;
                      - delete the Acrobat 9 Pro Patch.app patch from the HD; and
                      - eject the AcroProUpd910_all.dmg


                  6. Repeat Step 5 for 9.1.1


                  7. Repeat Step 5 for 9.1.2


                  8. Open Acrobat 9.1.2.


                  I hope this will help.

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                    poxx Level 1

                    Thanks for the suggestion, Wittkin. I did try this already but it did not succeed. I even placed the patch inside the acrobatfolder in the applicationsfolder and that resulted in the same failure massage. Recently Acrobat is showing unexplained problems: very slow responding which lead to the necessary forced quit. After restart, Acrobat is first opening every document in the recently openend doc list. It takes minutes before Acrobat responds to the closing command. After that, the program functions normal. I don't know if this is related, but may be helpfull...

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                      I have somehow gotten a trial version of Adobe Acrobat 9.1.2-CPSID_49166 on my computer. Problem is that I have already purchased Adobe Creative Suite 4 which includes Adobe 9 Professional in the suite. So the trial version has taken over, the version on my Suite is apparently not the default so when the trial asks for my Serial Number it is not the right one (on the back of my purchased Creative Suite DVD box.


                      Now I have no workable Acrobat Professional on my computer. Because it blocks my purchased Acrobat 9 Pro, with the stupid trial version.


                      Further, I go into the control panel and try to remove the program completely and guess what? It says it cannot be removed. I have tried to restore my computer to an earlier time hoping it would disappear but no luck.


                      This is totally frustrating and on top of that I have no idea how I got the trial version on my computer in the first place.


                      Please if anyone knows how to remove this please share with me the step by step of how to do it. I would be so grateful. I use my Adobe Professional all the time and I really feel it's absence in my workflow.



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                        Phillip M Jones Level 4
                        1. Open Trail version of Acrobat and look for activation or Deactivate. Deactivate.
                        2. quit Acrobat Trial, next open Folder Acrobat Trial is located, click on uninstall.
                        3. Open Acrobat within Creative Suite and choose deactivate, Quit, run uninstaller.
                        4. go to Finder from File menu choose find file find all components associated with Acrobat and remove to trash (do not empty at this time). Now remove all items associated with Acrobat only (not Creative Suite).
                        5. Now from Creative Suite reinstall Acrobat and use Creative Suite's Serial number.



                        Now Acrobat should open.

                        1. go to help menu and choose look for updates.
                        2. Run Updates in order, one at a time.


                        Adobe does not roll previous updates into newer updates like all other software companies on the planet.


                        Don't use Acrobat until all updates are completed.


                        (Please note information is given by an Experienced User of Acrobat. I am not an employee of Adobe.)

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                          I have CS 4 Master Designer. Everything runs great except Adobe Pro 9

                          . It keeps telling me that it is part of a suite and open another program of the suite like Photo Shop.

                          When I open PS and try AdobePro 9 again it then it says cannot proceed because Adobe Pro 9

                          is not activated. When I told Adobe tech support that everything else works from the original install

                          he said the serial # I have is not correct. It is the only one on the case however. I am confused. I bought

                          the program new from a college student that switched subjects but it was new. How can I get the Adobe Pro 9 to work?



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                            poxx Level 1

                            Did you try to uninstall Acrobat Pro (using the uninstaller) and instal Acrobat Pro again using the CS4 installer DVD?

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                              I have a similar problem. I downloaded the official trial version of Acrobat 9 Pro. After completion of the 30 days trial, i tried to uninstall it. I was unable to to uninstall it fully. Now whenever I reboot th notebook, any file that I try to open, there is a prompter (Windows Installer) that prompts me to install Acrobat 9 Pro. It is highly irritating. It got worse when I try to install Adobe Creative Suite 4 which I purchased. The Adobe Acrobat 9 Pro will not install because it says that it has already been installed. I have removed and uninstalled every single Adobe product that I can find in my system. There is one particular folder under Adobe 9.0 called Resource File which simply cannot be deleted or removed. I'm not sure if that's the problem but I now have a Creative Suite which has no Adobe Acrobat 9 Pro for me to use.


                              Anyone has any idea what I should do?

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                                O.K.  Here goes.  Thanks to all you have put in their suggestions.  I was finally successful in updating Acrobat 9.0 to the latest version (9.4) for Macintosh.  I cannot tell you exactly which of the steps I took finally overcame the freezes and error messages, but I can tell you what I did.


                                1.  First, I attempted to uninstall Acrobat, but the uninstaller would not work.  So I manually threw the Acrobat 9 folder in the trash and emptied it.  I then did a "Find" search for additional Acrobat support files and threw them away too.  I restarted my laptop.


                                2.  Then I reinstalled Acrobat Pro 9.0 from the install disk.  When I launched it, it did not ask for my registration number, so I knew that I had not found all of the old Acrobat support files.  I then ran the "Uninstall" program, and it worked.  I restarted my laptop again after first throwing away the Acrobat folder and the uninstall application.


                                3.  I reinstalled Acrobat Pro 9.0 from the install disk a second time.  When I launched it, it asked for my registration serial number.  So far, so good.  I quit Acrobat.


                                4.  As others had suggested, I downloaded the updater files directly from Adobe, rather than from within the Acrobat Pro application.  I copied these updater files from my downloads folder to a back-up hard drive and then dragged the original downloaded copies into the trash.  What the heck, I restarted again, just for luck.


                                5.  One at a time, I launched each of the sequential updater files and was able to update to 9.l, 9.1.1., 9.1.2, 9.1.3, 9.2, 9.3, 9.3.1, 9.3.2, 9.3.4, and, finally 9.4.  I noticed that the updater program somehow takes up a huge amount of hard drive space while running, and I got several warnings that I was running out of hard drive space in spite of my having about 5GB available.  So, you may want to copy some of your data to a back-up drive and then drag that data to the trash and empty it until you are done with the Acrobat updates.  Thereafter, you can copy that data back onto your computer's internal hard drive.


                                Whereas I was successful, this exercise took a few hours of trial and error, and it seems ridiculous that Adobe has not come up with a better way of updating its products.  It seems to me that, at the very least, they could simply post a fully updated copy of the application on line that registered owners could download and use to replace outdated earlier versions of the software.  That I had to start from scratch (I had been using an updated 9.2 version) and load 9.0 and then download and separately install 9 updates was a terrible waste of my time.


                                I hope this helps.  Good luck.

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                                  404 Tommy - I tried exactly what you said.  It never asked me for my serial number, so I went and ahead and started the updates starting with 8.1.1


                                  Got to 8.1.5 but the 8.1.6. update is giving me the same "application has changed" error.  So frustrating. 

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                                    404Tommy Level 1

                                    If it did not ask for your serial number, you did not get all of the old install off your machine.  This happened to me too, and as I said in my post, I performed an uninstall once I had removed all of the Acrobat files I could find and after I had installed the original version from my original disk -- in my case, version 9.0.  That install did not ask for my serial number, but when I then ran the uninstall, it removed all of the files, including the ones I had missed in my "find file" search.  THEN, I installed 9.0 again, and followed that with all of the updates.  That worked.

                                    Good luck.

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                                      Thanks a lot.... trashing, install from disk, uninstalling again to get rid of leftovers and reinstalling again from disk worked for me!!


                                      Since i had to upgrade then from 9.0.0 to 9.4.5 i didn't fancy doing it all manually...would take the whole night, so gave it another shot with the help-> check for updates .... good news, it went straight from 9.0.0. to 9.2.0

                                      Then another check for upgrades which took it straight to latest version 9.4.5


                                      Hope that works for all the others out there with the same frustrating problem.....

                                      Good luck!