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    Unable to "really" uninstall Reader 7.0.8




      I have an issue on a XP PRO SP2.

      Until now, Acrobat Reader 7.0.8 was installed on it, and i would like to install Acrobat 9 Standard.


      So, i need to uninstall Reader first.


      But, i've got a lot of problem to uninstall it, the ADD/REMOVE wasn't enough strong to uninstall Reader.

      So, i've search on the Internet, and found something about this issue : I had to use "msicuu2.exe" to really uninstall the Reader.

      It's a Microsoft Cleaner tool.


      I've succeed to uninstall it (Reader has disappeared from the ADD/REMOVE LIST, and the registry looks like clear)


      BUT, if i try to open an PDF file, Reader 7.0.8 still used to open it... (the file icon still Acrobat logo)

      And, i still can't install ACROBAT 9 STD...


      So, Could you help me to uninstall an uninstall Reader 7.0.8?

      Thank you very much.