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    Using the Pen Tool in Flash


      I'm in the process of teaching myself the components of the CS4 Design Premium package using the Adobe Classroom in a Book series.  I'm currently going through the Flash CIAB and i've started using the pen tool. The task involves creating a wave like design across the stage.  Whilst this in itself is simple, the final instruction is to click on the first anchor point to close the shape.  In the illustration, the closed shape seems to automatically extend around the stage, however when I click on the first anchor point, the line automatically connects between the two points in a straight line.


      Am I doing something wrong?  The next step is to fill this area, but with the straight line effect that I am getting, this becomes impossible.  I should point out that the instruction states that the pen tool line should extend off the stage.  I have done this, but even then on clicking on the first anchor point the shape is closed incorrectly.


      If you have any suggestions as to why this may be, I would be greatly appreciative.




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          Ned Murphy Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          If you can show pictures of what you want and what you get it may be easier to understand your description.  Insert them in your posting using the camera tool rather than attaching them.

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            The Lovable Rogue

            Thanks Ned,

            I think I worked out the problem; I think that part of the instruction was missing.  When I looked at the picture again, I noticed that there were anchor points around the stage, so I guess that was what I missed.  I was simply creating the wavy line across the stage, and then clicking on the first anchor point to close the shape.  I resolved the problem by creating three anchor points around the stage and then closing the image by clicking on the first anchor.


            Thanks again for your help Ned.