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    E4X issue in actionscript



            I have a login page that authenticates the user using the php script. The php script sends an xml <login><result>success</result></login> back to the actionscript,


      In my action script function





      private function loginResult(event:ResultEvent):



        if(event.result.login.result == "success")


           //do something here..




      I m not able to access the result using event.result.login.result.. It was working before.. not sure what happened. If I assign it to a string


      var res:String = event.result.login.result; the variable res is null...Do I need to do anything more?




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          sri harsha namala

          Hi Bharani,

                                 When you are using E4X as the resultFormat in HttpService ,

                                Directly You can use event.result.result


                              if(event.result.result == "success")


                            //do something here..


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            Gregory Lafrance Level 6

            Have you confirmed that you are in fact getting back "success" as a result, and that it is coming back in the XML structure you expect?


            What happens when you inspect the event.result object in the FB debugger?


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