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    Doc.saveAs() method get an error message


      Hi, all


      I wanna save a pdf file as a range of png files with saveAs() method.


      this.saveAs({cPath: "/E/temp/temp.png", cConvID: "com.adobe.Acrobat.png"});


      I excute this script and choose a pdf file to process.


      But, get an error message like this,



      UnsupportedValueError: Value is unsupported. ===> Parameter cConvID.
      Doc.saveAs:1:Batch undefined:Exec


      It seems that, something wrong with the cConvID parameter. com.adobe.Acrobat.png is in the cConvID lists from Acrobat Javascript API Docs, why could it report this err msg?


      ENV: Windows/Acrobat 9.0 Pro


      Thinks in advance.




      - gavin