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    Reduce Size of Presenter Presentation as PDF


      I am working with a group of 4-8 graders in a summer camp program to produce a broadcast news style camp newsletter. We started using Presenter with a Webcam, which was awfully limiting. From there to a digital video camera. A 22 minute "broadcast" yields an 88MB PDF file which we post on the camp Website. Nothing like a disincentive to parents to download it!!


      The clips from the camera are MPG which Presenter appears not to support, so we take them in to Premier Elements, edit a bit, and export as AVI files. The clips take *forever* to import into Presenter. The finished "broadcast" is then published as a PDF file.


      • Would publishing as a Flash presentation be better?
      • Is Presenter the best approach here at all?




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          Hello, I think you hit the nail on the head, and doing the entire project in Presenter is probably not the best thing. 


          What you could do is create a webpage that consists has many parts, some Presenter, some and Flash video.  Presenter is good at incorporating video elements (albeit at its own pace) but the published pdf files will be larger ones like you are experiencing.  If you don't have to have a file that parents can actually download, and can instead publish to the regular Presenter output of Flash/HTML, then I think things will work a little better.