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    Is contributing to (barelyA)LiveDocs a waste of time?

    pete.h Level 1
      I've just spent some time contributing a number of additional explanations and JavaScript examples to LiveDocs , hopefully to save others the time I spent in finding things out.

      However, it occurs to me that I've seen little other comments on the LiveDocs for Director MX2004 (except some spam. from 2006, here under the page for word...of )

      So did Adobe just waste my time, or what?
      Anybody else contributed and not had their useful comments appear....ever?
      If Adobe aren't looking at submissions, shouldn't they just stop wasting our time and turn off the [Add Comment] button, and rename them DeadDocs?

      LiveDocs is a great concept, but seemingly abysmally supported by Adobe. So how about they open the admin & moderation of them up to the Director community, so we can help ourselves?