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    Flashcatalyst install - language




      I have just downloaded the beta 1 of Flashcatalyst. This was listed as an English language version.

      While installing I was not asked for any preferences except file location. When the installation was

      complete, the generated menus, etc were in German.


      I work in Germany, have a German keyboard, and use German regional and time/date settings.

      I always use English language versions of my Software, and had no problems in this respect

      with Flex 2 and 3, CS3, or Flash CS4.


      Can anyone please tell me how to repair this?



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          nat.b Level 1

          Regarding my previous post:

          My operating system is Windows XP, SP3 + monthly updates and the

          system language is set to English (US). Sorry I didn't provide this info right off.


          Since posting, I have downloaded and installed the FlashBuilder 4beta, which

          produced the desired English version with no problems.


          I then uninstalled FlashCatalyst via the Control Panel, deleted the download,

          redownloaded and installed again:

          - the extraction screen opened in German

          - the install screen opened in English


          When I started FlashCatalyst:

          - the top toolbar and menus were in German

          - the start screen had English headers and German buttons.


          On clicking 'Create new project' the document parameters were in German

          and so was the complete workspace and menus.


          The workspace looks very tempting, but if I'm to work with it I need just a plain

          ol' ordinary vanilla English version. Is there perhaps someone at Adobe who

          can please advise me what I need to do to get there?




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            I have the exactly same problem, only in my case it's all set to Japanese. All the other things are the same as in the above case - Win XP SP3, the language is set to English, install is set to English etc and reinstalling doesn't help either.


            Also a minor point - the install window (the first one) has ????? instead of letters...