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    How to embed multiple swfs in AIR application




      I have an HTML website that I am trying to convert into an AIR application. The site runs on a kiosk computer in a lobby, and we are already using some standalone Flex apps, so I think it makes sense to pull all of the HTML and other assets together into an AIR application, which will then give us some additional functionality and options.


      The current site has multiple Flash animations that are displayed as the user clicks through various pages. I am using a ToggleButtonBar to switch between various states, each with a different Flash animation on it. Using <mx:Image> tags I am able to embed the Flash movies, but when I run the application, navigating to the second animation always crashes AIR (the animation freezes). It seems as though I am able to embed 1 movie that runs fine, but when I embed two it doesn't work.


      Any thoughts?


      Mark Shewfelt