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    Warning: Failed to place object at depth 1. ?


      When I publish, install and run my AIR app I get the following trace message (using FlashTracer in Firefox on Mac or PC)

      Warning: Failed to place object at depth 1.

      The AIR app loads and runs OK with one exception: the flv Playback component controller skin doesn't load and the video doesn't play. I checked my AIR settings and I have included the skin path. This used to work fine and suddenly stopped when I added updating. I removed all references to updating and it's still broken.

      The problem is when I test movie in the Flash authoring tool, everything is fine. Debugging the fla file everything is fine. I have no idea how to go about tracking this down.

      I even commented out the entire main constructor so that no ActionScript ran and still got this error.

      Any help or questions would be greatly appreciated.