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    Please Help! Adobe Opens 100 files at once


      All of the sudden whenever I try to open a file in Adobe Reader 9.0 it opens the file I want and 100 other files as well


      How can I stop this?

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          I presume you are referring to opening PDF files from a Web page? Are you able to open PDF files that are on your local system without any difficulty? If so, that narrows it down to a browser plugin issue. I have seen similar plugin issues that could only be resolved by creating a new Windows profile (Adobe's suggestion which works but is a sledge hammer compared to what the true fix could be) which leads me to believe that the root of the problem lies in the Windows registry. If you are up for testing this theory, simply create a "test" profile on the system (control panel - User Accounts) in question and see if the problem persists in the newly created profile or not.


          Operating system version?

          Web browser version?

          Reader version?


          Let me know the results.