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    Tutorial announcement: adding at CDATA section feature to the Export Recordset as XML behaviour

    Günter Schenk Level 4

      Hi folks,


      well, I´m back with a (hopefully useful) new ADDT tutorial -- this one is about adding at CDATA section feature to the "Export Recordset as XML" behaviour.


      Excerpt from the tutorial introduction:


      To many ADDT users the integrated server behaviour "Export Recordset as XML" is a valuable asset for rendering a standard Dreamweaver MySQL recordset result as on-the-fly XML data -- and, as usual, without having to code anything by hand.

      Helpful as this server behaviour is, one particular requirement has apparently been overlooked by its developers, what made it less useful to advanced users who were forced to ditch this behaviour and had to resort to coding stuff manually :: the possibility to optionally wrap the contents of a given column inside a CDATA section.


      As you´ll see, this feature is - as usual - very easy to implement, so just hop over here and take a look yourself:



      Cheers and have fun,